Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanks for your help.

With your timely assistance, I was able to get our entry into the Tychman-Shapiro Gallery "Profile" exhibition. We shall see what happens. I am glad that several of us entered the show independently. Good luck.

Thanks again.

Here is the statement that I submitted:


This group of local Jewish artists recently began a portrait exchange under the egis of moly_x: an international moleskine sketchbook exchange. The foundation of this moly_x_portrait group was motivated by the announcement of this exhibition. We are eight artists of varied ages, and artistic experience. We are teachers, illustrators, and recent college graduates. We are female, male, parents, grandparents, married and unmarried. We are artists with diverse artistic styles. We are Jews by birth, and Jews by choice. Some of us are already acquainted, some of us are not. We shall see where this project takes us. When this project is complete we will have, at the very least, made some new friends in the Twin Cities Jewish and arts communities. The hope is that we will come to know each other well, and be positive life long infuences on each other.

Here is how the project works: Each artist has started with a Japanese Fold Moleskine (moly)Pocket sketchbook. Victoria, as an example, has begun her sketchbook by entering a unique collage self-portrait. Now, she must send her moly to the next artist on the list. This artist will enter a portrait of Victoria and a self-portrait, then pass it to the next artist, and so on. The project will be complete when all of the artists have their books returned to them, filled with portraits of themselves and self-portraits of the artists who created them. Each artist gets one month to make a
sketchbook entry. Each entry should be 2-4 pages. The exchange cycle will probably take a year.

Imagine getting this little book in the mail filled with hand crafted images of yourself and images of the artists who made them. When closed, the little Moleskine sketchbook is 3.5 inches by 5.5 inches. The book is 9.5 feet long when unfolded. Each book will be a gift of time and talent. It will be a gift of others’ eorts to consider the kind of person you are. As the title of this exhibition proclaims, our group will explore the Faces of Diversity. Conversely, our group will, in a modest way, also explore how faces of diversity see us, the individuals in this project.

moly_x_portrait is based on a project by Rama Hughes, The Portrait Party. On his blog, Rama encourages folks to pos t their portrait exchanges. This blog delightful. He takes all comers, artists of every stripe. Rama wrote, “When I was younger, my family and I used to have portrait parties. We would congregate in the living room every few months and turn our attention from person to person, drawing everyone in the room. It was such a pleasure and so normal in my life that trading portraits became a regular event when I left for college, when I moved to new towns, when I met new friends or favorite artists. Tommy Kane suggested that it would make a good website, so that's what this is...and you're invited! ” Our group plans to throw a portrait party or two before the project is complete, and you’re invited.

* This is an exhibit of self-portraits. If we are selected to be part of this exhibit, we may discus whether you wish to see the entire books at their current state of completion, or the self-portraits only.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Paula's first entry

I have to give her a call and see if she has anything to say about her art. Bless her heart, she's old school. No innerweb skills.

Don't you just love this picture. What a terrific start. This will inspire some wonderful entries, I'm sure. It will be very interesting to see how the diversity of this group will play out over the length of this project. Thank you all.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hi Portrait party members,

The image on the far left is my portrait of Marty. The image on the left is my self portrait that was put into Marty's book. All my images are drawn on WWII photos with black ink.

The image below is my self portrait to start my book.


Sunday, November 8, 2009